Sunday, October 16, 2016

BMW Reveals Seventh Generation 5-Series

( CarPressions ) -- This year appears to be the year of the seven.  The year started out with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and then followed by,the now discontinued, Galaxy Note 7.  There's also the highly expected Apple iPhone 7.  This year also sees BMW unveiling the seventh generation BMW 5-series.  The design of the 2017 BMW 5-series is evolutionary and still has the best proportions of any modern BMW in our opinion.

Powering the next generation 5-series at launch in February 2017 will be a twin-turbo 4-cylinder engine in gasoline and diesel versions and a 6-cylinder engine that is also in gasoline and diesel versions.

Available on the new 5-series is what BMW calls "Remote 3D view."  What is neat about this feature is that it will allow the owner to see what's going on around their vehicle at practically any time.  The infotainment system is compatible with Apple CarPlay.

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