Thursday, January 17, 2013

Infiniti Reveals New Naming Strategy

HONG KONG Tuesday, December 18, 2012 (Jidosha Shinbun) -- Infiniti has announced a new nomenclature in its "desire for clarity and cohesiveness."  In its current naming strategy, the letter defines the model and the number defines the powerplant.  The new simplified naming strategy is for all sedans, coupes and convertibles to be prefixed with Q and crossovers and SUVs to be prefixed with QX.  Each model now will be identified with a number representing its place in the model range.  An example is the FX is higher in the model range and so will be branded QX70, where as the EX is lower in the model range so it will be branded as QX 50.  The change will take place with the 2014 model year and the first model to debut with the new nomenclature is the Infiniti Q50, currently known as the G37 sports sedan.

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